all in.

Events at SCENI are customisable, unique, and therefore one-of-a-kind. We have hosted concerts, poetry events, classes, workshops, and even smaller events like makan-makan and writing circles. What makes our space special is our six modular walls that you can move around and decorate to make your events uniquely yours.


Booking hoursRate (RM)
< 5 hours75/hour + 5% discount
> 5 hours70/hour + 10% discount
8 hours65/hour + 15% discount

equipment list

High Definition Short-throw Projector
55″ 4K TV
Mini stage
PA system with microphones
Movable Whiteboard/Blackboard
6 small banquet tables
2 big banquet tables

Our event rate is all in. Pay a flat rate and let us know what you need!