Pink Poppy & Green Bobba (2019)

RM250.00 RM220.00

Two pieces of artwork by our 22-year-old Art in Residence, Norman Hakim that expresses his emotional inconsistency. Available for viewing at Creatorspace Kelana Jaya.


7’5 inch x 5 inch

From the artist;

These two pieces were created with the idea of shifting my emotional energy into an abstract form of expression. Creating it under the emotional energy driven by my past memories of different experiences, triggered by the shuffling music of my playlists and conversations going in my mind.

I wanted to channel that sense of emotional inconsistency of jumping from one thought to another, one memory to another, fluctuation of emotions driven by these random nostalgias. Layers and layers of different strokes and colour were meant to metaphorically represent the inconsistency.

It did not come into thought of what exactly the finished piece should be like. I invest my belief within my understanding of colour to let it resonate with the entire cycle of nostalgia. From one colour to another, one stroke to another, it left traces of me recalling different experiences in life. But at the end of it, it is a moment of realization for myself that everything comes into place as how
it should be, much like these paintings.


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